It’s almost over.


It’s been a very busy couple of months, which have included the debut of my latest novel, The Red Wolf, my 60th birthday, and the pulse-pounding baseball playoffs that concluded the other night with one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen. So, I hope you’ll forgive me for my absence from this blog. But now I’m back, and over the next few weeks I’ll be making up for lost time.

Today, though, we will let someone else do the talking about one of the most important topics of conversation in our country since, well, it seems like forever: the presidential election. Many people have asked my opinion of what’s going on, and who I will vote for. As to the former, that is worth a post all by itself. Out of a nation of more than 300 million people, how is it possible we picked these two as our candidates for the nation’s most important job? And as for the latter, I truly have not yet decided. As of this writing, I have about 48 hours to make up my mind.

Most of us will be going to the polls on Tuesday—every one of us should be going, really—and there are some things we should all keep in mind as we do so. My friend Marcus Brotherton had a post about this on his very fine blog,, and I will share that with you today: 7 Wise Principles from the Band of Brothers.

And remember that whatever the outcome, we’re all in this together.

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